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English Adventure Camp

The Mountains are calling...

Our English Adventure Camps are just that: loads of fun and adventure immersed in the English language with the backdrop of glorious Swiss nature. 

We focus on improving students English language skills while enjoying community, lively entertainment, and the great outdoors. Campers absorb the contagious energy of good fellowship while learning from cool camp leaders and each other.

Our camps are for all levels of English speakers, from no knowledge to fluent speakers. Join us for an adventure filled with growth, fun, and excitement! Memories, friendships and adventures are waiting to be made with you!

Spaces are limited!  REGISTER TODAY!

Upcoming Camps – Register Now!

You can also sign up for multiple camps so your child can have fun, adventure and learn English any time of the year. 


Summer 2023

16. - 22. July 2023

Elm, GL

685 CHF

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