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I was born and raised in Texas, USA. After completing a Bachelors of Science in dental hygiene at Texas Woman's University, I began the long adventure of teaching oral health. Working eight years in pediatric dentistry led to a passion in working with children and teenagers. 

I believe conversation English is a fun, creative, and rewarding method for students to learn the language at ease and with success. My goal is for students to break through their English language barriers while at the same time have fun within a relaxed and positive atmosphere. My hope is students will become more confident in the English language, the international language, which is an investment in the future for generations to come.


CELTA English Teacher

Melissa was born and raised in Florida. From 1999 - 2004 she had the opportunity to live in New York. Since 2004 she lives in Switzerland with her husband and daughter. She is full of energy, has brilliant ideas and her hobbies include cuban cooking.

In her classes you can expect engagement and action. She strives to help students succeed. Students feel at home around her, which is an asset for their learning and participation.

CELTA English Teacher

Tatiana has worked in education across four continents.  Growing up, she always wanted to be a teacher. After studying Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University's School for Education and Social Policy, Tatiana worked on education reform initiatives in India, Rwanda, California, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, and Massachusetts.  

Tatiana is excited to share her love of learning with students over lunch, where we will notice, wonder, and explore ideas together.  Furthermore, she looks forward to building actively curious communities at 3P English Adventure Camps in the mountains!

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